Community Observations of the Public Relations Activations of a State Ministry for Housing in Nigeria

Abstract :

This paper aims to investigate and find out the public perceptions on the activations of the ministry for housing using Lagos State Development and Property Corporation (LSDPC) as a case study. Public relations play vital and vital roles in organizations because of the level of competitions and trust from both existing and prospective patrons (Fayemi, 2019). In order to achieve this objective, the study examined the scale and impact of these PR activations using two hundred (200) copies of the questionnaire. The questionnaire reached members of the public, representing the population of this study. The Excellence Theory by James Grunig formed the theoretical framework for this study. This study concluded that more still needs to be done when it comes to informing and creating awareness about the activities and practices of the corporation. Many respondents are not aware of the corporation's activations. Moreover, public perception of the image and activations of the Lagos State Development and Property Corporation is not encouraging. Based on these results, this study recommends an intentional creation of public awareness through impactful activations involving the public.