Microgeneration As An Accelerator Of The Democratization Of Authoritarian And Autocratic Political Spaces

Abstract :

In the future, electric energy will be the basic – and most probably the only – source of power. Futuristic concepts and anticipations of the development of modern technologies do not even consider other solutions. The crucial concept in this context is the, so-called, “fuel of tomorrow”, the control over which would cease to be economical as it would not be the source of income anymore. It is not difficult to see the potential of political control in the distributive and manufacturing-distributive energy sectors. Due to considerable diversification with respect to the carriers that have been used up to date in the combustion machines or heating, the problem of control has not been so evident thanks to many carriers being currently in use. Universalisation, which will be a result of the gradual elimination of various fuels in favor of electricity, will soon prove the problem to be of vital importance. Hence, the questions related to the generation capacity of electric power and distribution thereof ought to be encouraged as a natural consequence of the assessment and recognition of the potential of control that the very first and the last link in the chain of distribution hold.