Organizational Commitment Of Public Sector Employees: Loyalty And Neglect As An Alternative Model Of Response To Organizational Cultures

Abstract :

This paper? ?proposes the model??? of Exit, Voice, Loyalty, and Neglect (EVLN) as a manifestation of Employees’ Organizational Commitment (EOC) in responding to organizational cultures within the Indonesian public university setting. Structural equation modelling is used to fit the data provided by 150 lecturers. The best predictions are proposed for?? loyalty and neglect.? Loyalty is expected to be found in organizations?? that value the organizational culture dimensions of teamwork, respect for people, stability, attention to details and outcome orientation. ?The proposition is expected to have important implications for practitioners attempting to improve the level of EOC of their employees which in turns to enhance??? the level of loyalty contributing to improvements in productivity and growth in the Indonesian public university environment.