Work Dimensions And Job Satisfaction – What Makes Us Happy At Work?

Abstract :

The article presents research on the perception of work dimensions, which, according to the Peter Warr's vitamin model of well-being in work, should be significantly related to job satisfaction. The presented research was carried out in cooperation with TAW Polska, on a group of 239 diversified in terms of positions, seniority and education employees of a Polish company from the automotive industry.
The vitamin model assumes 12 dimensions of work characteristics related to the perceived well-being of employees. The first group consists of factors which both lack and excess carry a lower level of well-being, and even prevent it from being felt. The second group consists of factors that are desired by both the employee and the organization at the highest level, and the perceived high level promotes the well-being of employees.
The analysis of the results obtained partly confirms the relationship between the perception of work characteristics and well-being, in addition, the analyzes showed significant differences between groups of employees in the perception of work. Although they work in the same organization, but the different content of their work results in a different evaluations of work dimensions and well-being.